The Downtown Dukes

“A lineup of Vocals, Bass, Percussion, Drums and a trio of Guitars, digging up the very roots of R&B, playing songs you can sink your teeth into…”

This is good honest music from some of the grooviest, most soulful musicians in London. Musicians who are not governed by ego, and do not feel obliged to blind their audience with virtuosic displays of technique when the songs don’t require it. This music requires a much higher level of technique, one which takes much more time and patience to learn. Every member of this band is a true master of their instrument / voice – the band wouldn’t sound this great if they weren’t. That’s exactly the point: The band as a whole sounds great – the listener isn’t drawn to individual components of its line-up. Why is that? Because they are playing for the music. They have studied the history of the genre, and have a thorough understanding of it. They each have musical abilities that take years to learn – discretion, taste, soul, rock-solid time feels, and how to play and sing together with other musicians as an ensemble so that we, the listeners, hear one thing: The music.

Very much looking forward to seeing their gig in London this evening – read all about it on their Facebook page.